Suzushiro’s Maid to Skate will get a manga adaptation

For those unfamiliar, artist Suzuhiro333 is famous on Twitter and Pixiv for creating illustrations of girls dressed in Victorian-era maid outfits effortlessly doing crazy skateboarding tricks.

According to this Tweet made by the artist, his illustrations will be turned into a serialized manga, set to be published by MATOGROSSO, and will follow the daily lives of skating maids. For now, the manga is set to be updated every two months, but has no release date scheduled yet.

The only glimpse we have of the manga so far is the announcement image that was shared on Twitter, which you can see below:

Maid to Skate has no release date or anime adaptation in the works yet, but if any of those come up you can count on Niche Gamer to bring you the news.


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