Surviving Mars got three new DLC packs

Surviving Mars

Paradox Interactive announced Surviving Mars got three new DLC packs, adding more content to their sci-fi city builder.

Surviving Mars: Martian Express is one of three new Content Creator Packs made by community modders that have been turned into official DLC. Created by Lucian and Sylvain, the Martian Express pack adds trains and rail lines to the game, allowing players to connect their colonies and safely transport people and supplies across the Red Planet.

You can find a launch trailer for the new DLC below. 

While Martian Express is the largest of the DLC packs, its accompanied by two more: Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack and Revelation Radio Pack. Also made by popular community modders, the Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack adds 10 new building skins, while the Revelation Radio Pack adds 16 new music tracks composed by 4 different artists.    

The new Martian Express DLC is available for $6.99, while the Future Contemporary Cosmetic Pack is available for $4.99, and the Revelation Radio Pack is available for $3.99. There is also a bundle pack that contains all three packs for a minor discount. 

You can find a rundown of the Surviving Mars: Martian Express DLC (via Steam) below: 

Surviving Mars DLC

Trains are here! With the Martian Express pack by modders Lucian and Sylvain, you’ll finally be able to move your colonists and resources between stations facilitating access to far away domes and remote resource deposits. Other outside manned buildings will also be buildable near stations without needing a dome.

Key features

Welcome commuters! – Build your stations anywhere on the map and help your colonists get to work and back. Click on the info panel to see their reason for traveling and make sure that everyone gets their seat. otherwise, they’ll have to wait for the next train (and be frustrated, nobody likes to miss the train).

New tracks – Click and drag to create tracks that connect your stations. Tracks will be elevated allowing your rovers and drones to pass underneath together with power cables, while pipes can cross over them.

Same train, different cargo – Traveling on the red planet has never been safer (and efficient!). Trains will have 2 wagons to transport colonists and resources at the same time. Don’t worry: they’ll travel on the same track with no risk of collision. Build your trains in the stations, assign them to the connected tracks and watch them go.

Surviving Mars is available on Windows PC, Linux, Mac (all via the Epic Games Store, GOG, and Steam), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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