Survive Cooperatively in Northward, a Game About Sacrifice and Teamwork

Swedish developers Nemoria Entertainment have put out dark yet enchanting games like Oknytt, and yet their latest game is seemingly yet another dark and brooding experience.

Featured above, you can get a look at Northward, their latest game that has just been put onto Indiegogo for crowdfunding. The game is a top down survival simulator of sorts, but the best part is that you can play cooperatively!

northward 07-26-14-1 northward 07-26-14-2

Northward is inspired by games like Transport Tycoon, The Settlers, and the more recent Banished, in that it strips away all the overhead that most strategy games put into place. Instead, you have to control the villagers and learn how to work together to manage your resources, and ultimately survive.

There is a core story within Northward that seems to be trying to approach the genre a bit differently, namely in that you’re one of the last surviving groups of humans. Your journey will lead you further northward (quite literally) as you try to chase down the source of a fog that is slowly eroding and wiping out humanity.

You can download the game’s pre-alpha here on Windows, Mac, and Linux. Lastly, if you were impressed with their alpha, you can throw some money at them here on their Indiegogo page.

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