Survey suggests Call of Duty is most destructive game franchise

Call of Duty

Every gamer remembers the days when the Nintendo Wii was all the craze. They also remember people learning the hard way that not wearing the strap led to some mishaps causing the destruction of their televisions.

However these days, most might be surprised (or not) that Call of Duty is the reigning champ when it comes to those playing to accidently cause damage to their home.

A recent survey (by Compare The Market), surveyed 1000 people from America and Australia to see what games have led to the most accidental damage in their homes. Note this is about games in general, not just video games.

They found that just over 33% listed Call of Duty, the popular first person shooter, admitted to accidental damage being occurred while playing. Fortnite was a close second at just over 29%.

Grand Theft Auto and Mario Kart were also on this list. The list also included VR games, which surprisingly were behind all of the aforementioned franchises despite covering more than just one game and involving somewhat blind movement.

These aren’t cheap accidents either. According to the survey, the average cost for repairs was $477.34 – this is nearly the cost of an Xbox Series or PlayStation 5!

In fairness that’s likely due to the most damaged items being laptops, where the frequent cause is accidently knocking over a drink. A close second cause does include holes in the walls, ceilings, or floor.

While the survey is more focused on damage from clumsiness, most gamers may not be surprised to see competitive games on the list for their “rage moments.”

What about you? Have you ever accidently broken something in your home while playing games? Sound off in the comments below!



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