Super Time Force Finally has a Release Date

Capybara Games have finally confirmed a release date for their hotly anticipated side-scrolling platformer/shooter/time traveling game, Super Time Force. The game will arrive on Xbox 360 and Xbox One on May 14th, a little over a week from today.

In Super Time Force, you play as one member of a time traveling military organization as they die, time travel, and use their dopplegangers to overcome various puzzles and enemies. In the release date trailer featured above.

The narrator goes over how to play the game, whether its running, gunning, jumping, and of course – dying, dying again, and dying some more. If  you properly utilize the game’s rewind mechanics, you can turn death on its ear by learning from your mistake, and seeking revenge afterwards.

The game was delayed last year in order to further polish it some more, and it was originally targeted for a “summer” release for this year.



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