Super Sonico spills out of kimono in new figure, pre-orders open

Super Sonico

Super Sonico, the buxom anime mascot is back and this time nearly spilling out of a fancy kimono.

The new figure is 420mm tall (approximately 16 inches) and includes Sonico wearing a “Kyoto-style” kimono and holding a shamisen, a traditional Japanese string instrument.

Yoshinori × F:NEX “Japanese doll figure” 12th edition is Super Sonico

Nitroplus’ live mascot character “Super Sonico”, who is bright, honest and clumsy, has been transformed into an elegant and glamorous Japanese doll figure.
Her head is adorned with a variety of luxurious decorations, including a comb and hairpin, and her kimono is made of red-based gold brocade fabric woven with various floral patterns and gold thread. She holds a shamisen and a plectrum in her hands, making it a perfect piece that matches her personality as a musician.

For figures and Japanese dolls, “the face is the life”

We have carefully created a cute and beautiful expression that tilts its head and smiles. Her hair is tied up and her bare feet are visible, creating a gorgeous finish.

Gorgeous costumes and loose silhouettes that respect the character image

Super Sonico is a gravure model and a musician at the same time.
In order to respect her image and make the most of her charm, we dressed her in a loose silhouette.
In addition, we have recreated Super Sonico’s appearance with a front-tied obi and gorgeous gold brocade costume similar to those depicted in her ukiyo-e prints.
The fuki on her hem further enhances its luxury.

Traditional techniques that add color to character images: Kyoto-style yuzen and gold brocade

Kinbrocade is a traditional textile woven with gold thread, silver thread, and gold and silver leaf.
It is a densely woven fabric that has multiple layers to create a variety of three-dimensional patterns.
This time, I chose a bright, glossy, and textured gold brocade manufactured by Bando Shoten, a representative textile merchant in Kyoto.

Pre-orders for the new Super Sonico figure are open until January 11, you can order the figure from Furyu Hobby Mall here.



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