Super Mario Eclipse fan mod moist and impressive

Super Mario Eclipse

A fan project that uses Super Mario Sunshine as a base is coming in the form of Super Mario Eclipse, great news for those who want more Super Mario Sunshine mods.

According to the official page for the mod, there’s quite a lot of new fan-made content, including:

  • 37 Shine Sprites
  • 60 Blue Coins
  • A full original soundtrack
  • 3 unique playable characters
  • 4 original main courses to explore
  • 2 additional level ports (such as Starshine Beach from Solarshine)

It is said there are also “revamped movement mechanics” and “vastly improved collision and game engine” in the mod, making it an impressive project.

Here’s a short teaser for the project:

A demo for Super Mario Eclipse is out now via GameBanana. June 30th is when the game will officially launch.



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