Super Catboy Announced for PC, Launches Fall 2021

Super Catboy

Assemble Entertainment have announced they will be publishing Pixelpogo’s upcoming 16-bit platformer Super Catboy, and its release date.

Super Catboy is a 16-bit 2D action-platformer inspired by classic games from the ’90s. You play as the titular anthropomorphic catboy on a mission to stop his deranged creator’s evil plan to take over the world with an army of dogs. Super Catboy launches Fall 2021 for Windows PC and Mac (both via Steam).

You can find the announcement trailer below.

You can find the rundown (via Steam) below:

Super Catboy is not your average tomcat! Together with his crazy sidekick – a charming young lady armed from head to toe – he leaves nothing but chaos while trying to thwart the shady plans of his evil creator. Experience an action-packed platformer in a high-bit pixel art style which combines the best elements of the golden 16-bit platformer era of the 90s – enhanced with new ideas! But most importantly: CAT CONTENT!

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