SUNSOFT is Back! Retro Game Selection now available in Japan

SUNSOFT is Back! Retro Game Selection

Japanese developer SUNSOFT has released their SUNSOFT is Back! Retro Game Selection in Japan, a collection of their classic games.

SUNSOFT is Back! Retro Game Selection is now available in Japan for Windows PC (via Steam) and Nintendo Switch. A worldwide and English release is planned for PC.

Fans can expect the new collection to include the following classic SUNSOFT games:

Celebrating SUNSOFT’s return, we present to you this deluxe collection of three SUNSOFT classics: “The Wing of Madoola”, “53 Stations of the Tokaido(Toukaido Gojusan-tsugi)”, and “Ripple Island”.

Play comfortably with the added save and rewind functions. Great for anyone who couldn’t clear them back in the day…

Introduction of Games Included:

The Wing of Madoola


In the land of Badham, there was once a statue of a bird, called “The Wing of Madoola”, The wing granted power to rule the world to the one who possessed it, and so the people warred over its control for a long time.

During one era, the Wing of Madoola came into the possession of the kindhearted king of the Rameru family. The king sealed it away to cease the wars. However, Darutos, a descendant of the Rameru line, betrayed his family and took the wing.

Darutos built himself a demonic fortress and attempted to take over the world. Darutos and the Rameru clan fought fiercely, until only the warrior Lucia remained of the clan. As the sole magic-user of the Rameru clan, Lucia heads to Alex Castle where Darutos resides, refusing to retreat.


Control Lucia in this side-scrolling action game. Defeat the boss waiting at the end of each diverse stage to progress. Fierce monsters roam the stages, but scattered and dropped throughout are also power-up items and new spells. Finally, you must defeat Darutos who waits at the end of the final stage…if you dare!

Firework Thrower Kantaro’s 53 Stations of the Toukaido


Kantaro, a fireworks maker, wants to return to Edo to show the new fireworks he learned to make in Kyoto, and begins to travel the Tokaido road. However, the evil secret gun merchant “Inokuniya Gozaemon” schemes to steal Kantaro’s firework formulas and use them to make guns.

Kantaro must fight back against the assassins sent by the evil merchant by throwing firework grenades at them. Will Kantaro manage to launch his new fireworks above the Sumida River in Edo? And will he finally be reunited with his one love, Momoko?


This side-scrolling action games features unique and quirky gameplay that’s addictive once you get it. Hit enemies with firework grenades to defeat them. Hitting seemingly empty areas with the grenades sometimes reveal hidden items!

Collect items to gain advantages against certain enemies. Keep trucking along that Tokaido road to finally show everyone your beautiful fireworks upon Sumida River!

Ripple Island


Somewhere on the sea was a small island called Ripple Island, where the residents lived peacefully surrounded by bountiful nature. But one day, a monster calling himself Emperor Gerogale kidnaps Princess Nasareru and starts invading Ripple Island! Compelled to stop him, King Dotella issues a call to the residents.

“To the brave hero who defeats Gerogale, a fitting reward and Princess Nasareru’s hand in marriage.”

A young boy named Kail, who lived in the outskirts of the island and always dreamed of becoming rich someday, jumps on this opportunity and begins to make his way to the fortress where Gerogale lurked.


Ripple Island is an adventure game where you play as Kail. Use the 9 different commands to work through the many different challenges you will face, and defeat Gerogeil. The fate of Ripple Island rests on your decisions.

Gallery Mode

Includes various art and materials that were invaluable to creating the games “The Wing of Madoola”, “53 Stations of the Tokaido”, and “Ripple Island”. We’ve compiled everything we could find left in the SUNSOFT office, from concept art, design documents, unpublished illustrations, and more!



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