Suda51 Teases No More Heroes III Gameplay During New Game+ Expo

No More Heroes III

Director Suda51 of Grasshopper Manufacture has revealed the gameplay for No More Heroes III. Or at least he would have, had he not been obscuring most of the screen.

During the New Game+ Expo live stream, Suda51 introduced the show (seen here at 1:13, and below). In typically bizarre fashion for Suda-51, he revealed the first gameplay for No More Heroes III, while obscuring most of the screen with his own body.

While discussing the live stream and gaming in general, the greenscreen behind him changes to footage from the game, seemingly a boss battle against one of the game’s aliens. We see this same alien in an older trailer here (the one on the far right with the yellow shoulders and black head at 4:17).

We see returning mechanics, such as a the slot reels during certain attacks, along with the battery meter for the beam katana. We also see the boss health-bar is now at the top of the screen (rather than part of the lock-on symbol), and four brightly colored squares to the left.

We suspect the latter may be indicators for weapons the player can switch between, as they could in No More Heroes II. In the bottom right we see a tiger or skull like symbol.

Purple squares are absorbed into this corner when the boss is hit, and much more when defeated; though the symbol and other UI elements vanish when the boss dies.

We also see Travis’ sword extend and grow purple during the fight (at 0:25). None of the UI elements seem to change (other than the “pulsing” the UI does throughout the fight), so its hard to tell if this is a special attack or not. The battery seems to drain a little faster when it is used, though it is hard to be certain.

In our prior coverage, it was revealed the game centers around an alien who was cared for by a young boy. Now that boy has grown into the owner of a powerful corporation, the alien has returned with his friends. Calling themselves super heroes, Travis now fights through the Galactic Super Hero Rankings.

You can find the gameplay teaser below.

No More Heroes III is launching for Nintendo Switch in 2020.

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