“Sensual action-adventure shooter” Succubus 2069 announced

Succubus 2069

DemonLabs Interactive has announced Succubus 2069, their new “sensual action-adventure shooter” rife with large chests and large demons.

Succubus 2069 is launching sometime in July of this year for Windows PC (via Steam), and includes not only a breast size toggle but also a cleavage gap toggle, meaning you can sport the biggest and floppiest mammaries around.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus a new trailer:

A Sensual Action-Adventure Shooter with a touch of SoulsLike combat, set in a post apocalyptic world. Customize your female protagonist with full body details and sexy outfits. Travel across the futuristic wastelands as you seek to defeat the Succubus Queen and rescue the last surviving male to save humanity. Unlock new weapons and artificial succubus modifications to grow in strength.


  • Detailed Character Customization – Customize your character in detail with the multiple options available. The character creation includes adjustments for body shape, face shape, breast size, cleavage, butt size, hairy styles, skin complexion, and make up options. With all these options create the character of your dreams to journey across the futuristic ruins.
  • Challenging Combat – The game provides a challenging combat system with many complex enemies and bosses, requiring the player to understand attack patterns and finding the best opportunity to take down enemies. While the ranged weapons are the primary source for dealing damage, the player must also utilize dodging, parrying and other abilities to maximize damage output and knock down enemies to get them in a vulnerable position.
  • A Captivating World – Fight your way across multiple levels set across a captivating and beautiful dark world. with underground futuristic bunkers, abandoned futuristic city streets, demonic landscapes and many other complex landscapes.
  • Unique Weapons & Abilities – Build up your character by unlocking multiple unique skills and weapons. Experiment with different combinations to find your favorite playstyle. With multiple succubus augmentations and weapon modifications create new strategies to defeat different bosses and unique enemies.
  • Our unique vision for Succubus 2069 – This game is a mix of adult game genre with complex gameplay mechanics. Unlike many other adult titles, this game doesn’t focus on pornographic visuals but provides a complex and challenging combat system of a souls like game, while allowing the player to admire the beauty of the carefully designed sensual female characters in the unique and beautiful environment.


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