Subverse Heads to GOG October 2021, Becomes GOG’s First 18+ Game

Subverse GOG

Editor’s Note: This article contains links to adult content. Reader discretion is advised. 

Studio FOW Interactive’s adult sci-fi RPG Subverse is coming to GOG; making it the first title in GOG’s new 18+ category.

Subverse is in Early Access on Windows PC (via Steam; October 2021 via GOG).

As previously reported, the Kickstarter-funded erotic RPG raised over $2 million USD, and reached every stretch goal set out. Players take on the galaxy, amassing a harem of waifus who not only look good, but kick ass in turn-based combat. Train them, and unlock more mature interactions with them, and save the galaxy while you’re at it.

Back in 2019, Creative Director DC stated GOG “wouldn’t even return our emails;” though GOG were quick to reply that they had not received any emails. Now GOG has announced their Games Festival, with Subverse among the two weeks of upcoming games being highlighted.

This would mark it as the first adult game on the platform and, as noted by Studio FOW, the first game in their 18+ section. While the store page states the game is coming soon, Studio FOW state the game will launch October 2021, along with the Ela update.

The Elaisha Update promises to add a new character, 50+ Pandora scenes, new cinematics, the Kloi faction, new planets, and more. Players can also skip the Battletoads inspired shoot ’em up maps after three failures, two new Mantics, directional damage in Grid Combat, and hazardous and exploding barrels in certain levels.

“It’s amazing to see that other platforms are opening up to adult games and Subverse having a positive impact on the industry,” the developers stated in the Steam update. They also stated they’re happy “that our fans who have been region-locked out of buying the game will finally get to experience the Prodigium galaxy!”

We will keep you informed how GOG and Steam will handle adult games in the future.

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