Subnautica: Below Zero PlayStation State of Play Trailer

Subnautica: Below Zero

Unknown Worlds Entertainment have released a new gameplay trailer for Subnautica: Below Zero during the PlayStation State of Play.

The game is a stand-alone expansion to the original; tasking players with exploring and surviving the icy depths of an alien world. Players have returned to 4546B after one year, but now in its arctic region. Digging into the mystery of finding your lost sister may uncover terrifying monsters, and just what happened to the scientists who were once stationed here.

The PlayStation State of Play trailer highlights how the Dualsense controllers haptic feedback can convey being electrocuted by enemies, and enhancing audio and visual feedback. The game also supports 4K resolution on PlayStation 5 (or 60 FPS in performance mode).

The trailer also confirms those who own the first Subnautica on PlayStation 4 (digitally or physically), will get the PlayStation 5 version of that game for free.

You can find the State of Play trailer below.

You can find the abridged rundown of Subnautica: Below Zero (via Steam) below.

Below Zero is an underwater adventure game set on an alien ocean world. It is a new chapter in the Subnautica universe, and is developed by Unknown Worlds.

Return to planet 4546B
Submerge yourself in an all-new, sub-zero expedition in an arctic region of Planet 4546B. Arriving with little more than your wits and some survival equipment, you set out to investigate what happened to your sister…

Uncover the truth
Alterra left in a hurry after a mysterious incident. Abandoned research stations dot the region. What happened to the scientists who lived and worked here? Logs, items, and databanks scattered among the debris paint a new picture of the incident. With limited resources, you must improvise to survive on your own.

Discover uncharted biomes
Swim beneath the blue-lit, arching expanses of Twisty Bridges. Become mesmerized by the glittering, mammoth crystals of the Crystal Caverns. Clamber up snow covered peaks and venture into the icy caves of Glacial Basin. Maneuver between erupting Thermal Vents to discover ancient alien artifacts. Below Zero presents entirely new environments for you to survive, study, and explore.

Construct habitats and vehicles
Survive the harsh climate by constructing extensive habitats, scavenging for resources, and crafting equipment. Blast across the snowy tundra on a Snowfox hoverbike. Cruise through enchanting and perilous biomes in your modular Seatruck.

Research alien lifeforms
Something undiscovered lurks around every corner. Swim through the giant Titan Holefish, encounter the haunting Shadow Leviathan, and visit the adorable Pengwings. Keep your wits about you. Not all creatures in this strange world are friendly.

Survive the chilly temperatures
Jump in, the water’s warm. The below zero temperatures of this arctic region pose a new threat. New weather conditions blanket above-ground habitats. Craft a toasty cold suit, sip on piping hot coffee, and warm up next to Thermal Lilies to stave off the chill.

An ocean of intrigue
What really happened to your sister? Who were the aliens who came here before? Why were they on this planet? Can we find solace from grief in truth? Below Zero extends the story of the Subnautica universe, diving deep into the mystery introduced in the original game.

Subnautica: Below Zero is in Early Access on Windows PC and Mac (via the Epic Games Store, and Steam), and launches May 14th on Windows PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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