SUB2r and Valari PAX East 2023 – Gear to Improve Your Life

SUB2r and Valari PAX East

When you think of competitive gaming, what do you think of? Do you think of players dripping with sweat due to a match’s intensity or the anxiety of a suspenseful match? But what makes competitive gamers better than everyone else? Is it the practice they put in? Is it their posture? Is it the gear that they use? Is it energy drinks to keep them alert? All of these factors can play into whether or not someone losses their game. Almost everyone knows the image of the gamer leaning forward to focus/get serious. Now Sub2r and Valari look to change the industry with new gaming equipment.

At PAX EAST 2023, we met with the two to preview the Valari Gaming Pillow, Sub2r’s AGS Active Green Screen, 2r™ Mount, Limited Series Vii BNC™ Performance Set, and Sub2r’s Gloves and sleeves. At the booth, they allowed gamers to rest and try out the Valari Gaming Pillow. While trying out the gaming pillow, gamers could also face off against one of the best Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot players; if they won, they were able to take a Valari pillow home as a prize.

The Valari Pillow.

Before we dive into our thoughts on The Valari Pillow, we thought we’d share with you their sales pitch.

The Valari Gaming Pillow is specifically built for gamers to neutralize back, neck, and shoulder pain caused by long gaming sessions.

Console or mobile gamer? Reader or smartphone scroller? No matter the team you’re in, Valari is there to save your back from stiffness & soreness.

Made by gamers, for gamers, it’s a specifically designed pillow that supports your forearms and elbows, with the goal of providing you with the perfect posture for your favorite activity!

With Valari, you can now enjoy hours of gaming and reading, with your body and focus intact.


Now, I will say that after using the pillow for a few minutes I did start to feel more awake and refreshed. Now this could partially be due to finally getting to sit down but after sitting without it, it was easy to tell there was a difference. Now, I was no longer slouching and my arms could hang at ease without having to worry about where they would fall.

When you look at the price, you might feel some hesitation, most people won’t buy a $50 or more pillow to sleep on. Shockingly when you look at travel pillows they are comparable with the most expensive one costing $70. Travel pillows range from $20 to 80$. So it is fairly comparable. In the future, we will consider picking one up.

Sub2r Competition Glasses + Practice Glasses

As a gamer who thankfully doesn’t need glasses, I will notice that after hours of playing, my eyes will start to feel tired or start to water. Sub2r looks to eliminate these issues with their Sub2r Competition Glasses + Practice Glasses. When Sub2r stated that the glasses were fog proof, I didn’t believe them. So, we deliberately breathed heavily while wearing a mask. For the most part, they did not fog up and were still visible to see through. Sadly, we did not get to try them while playing a game.

Glasses Description

The Limited Series Vii BNC™ Performance Set – Competition Glasses + Practice Glasses are described as,

“SUB2r glasses use Biochromatic Noise Cancellation™ technology to protect your eyes and reduce brain strain during screen time.

Our Limited Series Vii set enhances power colors for faster reaction times, improves contrast and sharpness, and may reduce fatigue. Upgrade your gaming experience with top-level performance and comfort.

Stay alert during multi-hour competitive gaming and other activities with extended screen time. Use our Limited Series Competition & Practice glasses to reduce visual fatigue & block out the Biochromatic Noise from monitors.

Two luxurious glasses, not just an advanced lens technology – SUB2r is also a luxurious statement piece that’s sleek, stylish & built to last! Crafted with precision from a premium blend of aluminum and magnesium alloy, this frame is both lightweight and durable. The shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses provide added protection and peace of mind.

Made for elite gamers our Limited Series Vii BNC Performance Set is perfect for everyone who wants to elevate their gaming style in a luxurious way.

2r Mount

The 2R Mount we did not get to try it out, but it is supposed to allow streamers and computer users to mount multiple devices. Below is the item description for the 2R Mount.

The 2r™ Mount is a must-have for professional-looking video content. Engineered to place your camera and accessories as close to eye level as possible. Its adjustable base fits most monitors and screens, including curved ones, so you can easily position your camera or accessories. The articulated arm allows for precise adjustments, ensuring your camera is always at the perfect angle. With its compact design, the 2r™ Mount won’t take up valuable desk space, making it a versatile and practical choice for all your video needs.

  • Places camera at optimal eye level for professional-looking video content

  • Takes up no valuable desk space, leaving you more room to work or create

  • Long (3 5/8”) and Short (2 3/4”) articulating arms provide a total 7 1/4” of versatile camera and accessory placement

  • Adjustable base to fit most monitors and screens, including curved ones

  • High-strength polymer base with adjustable Hirth style coupling for secure placement

  • Two standard 1/4×20 threads for attaching cameras, lights, accessories, and 2r³ expansion cube

  • Fully articulated extension arm with 90° pivot-able and 360° rotate-able ends, and an elbow that rotates 360°. The single-wing nut allows for partial loosening for safe and precise positioning and tightening for safe locking

  • Arms made out of CNC machined anodized aluminum alloy for light weight and strength

The On the Go Green Screen

The last item we got to see directly was the AGS Active Green Screen. The AGS Active Green Screen will supposedly eliminate any unknown lights and white and is easily portable for being able to use a green screen on the go. Below is the item description for their website.

SUB2r Active Green Screen (AGS), the innovative patented technology that eliminates the common issues associated with traditional green screens. AGS is easy to set up and configure with OBS or other software, adapts to use in any orientation and location, and produces even lighting with customizable intensity settings.

AGS is the perfect solution for live streamers, filmmakers, and content creators looking to captivate and wow their audience with stunning visual effects.

  • Enhances Creativity: With the AGS, you can unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life without being limited by traditional green screens. The AGS’s versatile and adaptable design allows you to use it in any orientation and location.
  • Saves Time and Money: The AGS eliminates the need for additional subject lighting and expensive, high-powered lighting equipment, making it a more cost-effective and eco-friendly option.
  • Improves Quality: The AGS produces even lighting and minimizes green spill, resulting in high-quality, seamless visual effects that enhance the overall quality of your content.
  • Needs no lighting – works in total darkness: The AGS is designed to work in complete darkness, eliminating the need for additional lighting equipment.
  • Customizable intensity settings: The AGS allows you to customize the intensity settings to suit your needs, giving you greater control over the lighting and visual effects.
  • Wireless remote control: The AGS comes with a wireless remote control, making it easy to adjust the settings and switch between different configurations.

The technology looks interesting but without trying it ourselves, we can’t recommend it. Unless you are in need of a portable green screen, the $599 price point is definitely a deterrent.

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