Studio Trigger Made a Gorgeous TV Anime Promo for Delicious in Dungeon’s 8th Volume

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Ryōko Kui’s excellent seinen manga series Delicious in Dungeon is getting a new volume this month, and to celebrate Japanese animation company Studio Trigger has created an animated TV ad for the release.

Featured above, the new animated commercial was produced by Studio Trigger, who have primarily been known for animated series like Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia, and DARLING in the FRANXX. It has fans of the manga begging for an animated series, for obvious reasons.

Again – it’s worth reiterating the above video is an advertisement for the print manga, and there are currently no plans on producing a TV anime, yet.

The series is like a traditional high-fantasy tale, only the adventurers cook and eat the monsters they kill while exploring dungeons and the overall world itself.

Volume 8 of Delicious in Dungeon is releasing on September 14th in Japan, with the English-translated version of volume 7 coming on October 29th, via Yen Press.

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