Street Fighter V Champion Edition Winter Update; Dan Hibiki Launches February 22, DLC Information, and More

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

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The Street Fighter V Champion Edition Winter update has revealed more information on upcoming DLC fighters, balance changes, and more.

Presented by Takayuki Nakayama and producer Shuhei Matsumoto, the pair thanks the community for their feedback and support. The presentation began focusing on DLC character Rose.

Rose’s stage will be the Marina of Fortune; an improved version of her Street Fighter Alpha II stage; a Venice inspired stage where gondolas and ships can be seen in the background.

Rose herself first appeared in the Street Fighter Alpha series, and is Menat’s master. She has a mixture of old and new moves; such as an anti-air that drag foes down to the ground, and how Soul Spark can be performed in the air. She also has Soul Punish, to leave floating orbs of energy in the air as a trap.

Her V-Skill 1 makes her produce a tarot card to improve herself, or weaken foes. Her V-Skill 2 is Soul Satellite, summoning orbiting balls of energy that strike foes. Her V-Trigger 1 allows her to teleport around the stage, while V-Trigger 2 creates an after-image that also harms foes.

Dan Hibiki’s Battle Outfit costume was also shown. Each DLC character will come with a variety of costumes The character’s V-Skills were also shown in more details. V-Skill 1 lets him cancel out of special moves. V-Skill II allows him to perform a crouching HK; except that it can be cancelled out of into other standard moves to trick foes. Both of these cause both player’s V-Gauge to increase.

V-Trigger I produces a giant Haoh-Gadoken that can block projectiles, and when charged can guard crush or wall bounce foes. It can leave him vulnerable afterwards however. V-Trigger II causes his V-Gauge to become a V-Timer, during which time he can launch enhanced Gadoken and Koryuken attacks. Players can also perform more powerful versions of these moves called Haten Gadoken and Go Koryuken during this time.

A new battle system was also revealed; called V-Shift. While V-Reversal can only be activated when blocking an attack, V-Shift can be activated at any time, moving them back and making them invulnerable (and spends part of the V-Gauge). This can be followed up with a V-Shift-Break attack.

As this system changes how the V-Gauge is utilized, many characters are having their strengths and weaknesses reevaluated. Balance changes will be released at the same time as the Dan Hibiki DLC, along with a new training stage for free.

There will be a Character Pass for Season 5. It features the characters, 5 Battle Costumes and six titles for $24.99 USD. There will also be a Premium Pass for $39.99 USD. This includes an addition 26 costumes, two stages, all new DLC character colors, eight titles, 5 fighter profile themes, and 100,00 Fight Money.

Ahead of the livestream, as-then-unknown DLC character Eleven had leaked ahead of the presentation thanks to a mass email from Twitch. The presentation was originally billed to focus on Dan Hibiki and Rose.

However, the fifth character was still marked as unknown, while Eleven is bonus content for the DLC characters; as a Fighter Profile Theme. As the image features a new 3D render of the character, it still seems likely they will be the Final DLC character. More information will be revealed via Capcom’s blog and social channels.

In terms of eSports news, Capcom announced the Capcom 2020 ProTour Season Final. The tournament will feature 24 players in 12 1v1 matches from February 20th to 21st.

A limited time sale on Street Fighter V: Champion Edition was also announced, along with the base game and Champion Edition upgrade kit, and a free trial on PlayStation 4 featuring all characters from seasons 1 through 4.

Finally, death metal band Dim Mak have announced special t-shirts and hoodies based on their band, featuring Ryu and other Street Fighter characters. They are also remixing Ryu’s theme, to be played during next week’s Capcom Cup.

At the very end of the presentation, Oro was briefly shown, along with what seems to be telekinetic powers.

You can find the entire livestream below.

The Dan Hibiki DLC launches February 22nd, and the Rose DLC Spring 2021. Oro and Akira launch Summer 2021, and Eleven launches Fall 2021. Each DLC character will also include a new stage and numerous costumes for themselves.

You can find the rundown on the game (via GamersGate) below:

Rule the ring with Street Fighter™ V: Champion Edition, the most robust version of the acclaimed fighting game! Choose from 40 diverse fighters, 34 dynamic stages and over 200 stylish costumes as you fight your way through a variety of exciting single-player and multi-player modes.

Street Fighter™ V: Champion Edition contains the content from previous versions of Street Fighter™ V, including each character, stage and costume released after Street Fighter™ V: Arcade Edition. READY? FIGHT!

*Content excludes Fighting Chance costumes, brand collaboration costumes and Capcom Pro Tour DLC.
*For specific details of the included content, please refer to the SFV official website.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available for Windows PC (via GamersGate, and Steam) and PlayStation 4.

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