Street Fighter V Champion Edition Spring Update; Rose Launches April 19th, Oro and Akira Gameplay, and More

Street Fighter V Spring Update Rose Release Date Gameplay Oro Akira

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The Street Fighter V Champion Edition Spring Update has revealed more information on the release date of Rose, gameplay of Oro and Akira, and more.

As with the prior Winter Update broadcast, the hosts were director Takayuki Nakayama, and producer Shuhei Matsumoto. The first subject tackled was the first gameplay of Oro.

Over 130 years old, Oro is a hermit who has mastered immortality, first appearing in Street Fighter III. His mastery of Senjutsu, Ki, and telekinesis have also granted him phenomenal strength. As such, he often fights with only one arm, keeping the other in a sling; or in Street Fighter V, holding his pet turtle.

Oro retains his special moves from Street Fighter III, along with his double jump and Super Art. He gains a new move called Tsuranekeashi. This overhead kick knocks foes into the air, and strikes them yet again as he brings his foot down.

His V-Skill I is Onibi. It launches a smaller version of the Yagyou Dama projectile, with a slow and bouncing path can help players approach foes. His V-Skill II is Minomushi; a short spinning jump that can be followed up with other punches and kick to befuddle opponents.

His V-Trigger I is Manrikitan (Kishinriki), letting him perform a powerful command throw on the ground and mid-air. This makes him either slam foes overhead back and forth like the Hulk, or slams them into the ground and stamps on their back.

V-Trigger II is Tengu Stone. Small objects like rocks and rubble begin to float around him, and slam into foes as he attacks. Rare and unusual items will also sometimes appear, such as beach balls, and handheld game consoles.


Next, the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 was detailed. The tour itself begins April 17th, and takes places across 32 events in 19 territories. In addition, DLC will be available at that time. These are costumes for G, Seth, and a third character for $5.99 USD (the latter will be available later this year), and the Ring of Galaxy stage ($9.99 USD).

The Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Premier Pass ($19.99 USD) includes all of the above, plus 5 exclusive titles, a new color for all 45 characters (a blue and white color scheme), two exclusive fighter profile themes, and 10,000 Fight money.


Next, DJ and producer Zedd announced that since he has been focused more on gaming than his shows thanks to COVID, he has teamed up with Capcom for 3 limited edition apparel items.

These are a Blanka Hoodie that glows in the dark, a Ryu tee with textured gloves, and a hoodie with the Zedd logo in Steet Fighter style and characters on the sleeve. All three feature Zedd’s logo prominently, and are available now via Store.Zedd.Net.


More details on how Rose plays was also revealed. While the Winter Update detailed her basics, the presentation detailed her V-Skills and V-Triggers in more depth.

Her V-Skill I is Soul Fortune, using one of four Tarot cards to apply an effect. The Magician increases her V-Gauge, and holding the button channels this effect continuously. The Chariot increases attack strength.

The other two cards focus on debuffing foes, and throws the card at them. The Tower reduces their attack, while The Death card increases the amount of chip and grey damage Rose inflicts to them. Players can also use an input to shuffle the card that will be used.

Rose’s V-Trigger I lets her warp around the screen in one of three spots. These are the far back of the screen away from the foe, right behind them, or in mid-air right behind them. The latter two are ideal for catching foes unawares, or continuing combos.

Her V-Skill II is Soul Satellite, last seen in Street Fighter IV. Up to two orbs of energy orbit around her, dealing damage to foes. Rose’s V-Trigger II is Soul Illusion (from the Street Fighter Alpha series). This creates an afterimage of her copies her attacks moments after she does, creating devastating combos.

In addition, normal attacks that hit twice (both Rose and her after-image) will send enemies airborne. Projectiles deal more damage, rather than shooting multiple projectiles. A brief mirror match with Rose was shown, emphasizing her mix-up gameplay style.

The Rose DLC will be available April 19th. At the same time, other Season 5 DLC content will be released; costumes for Vega, Seth, and Juri.


Finally, it wad confirmed that Akira Kazama was in development, and a brief snippet of her gameplay was shown. She first appeared in Rival Schools: United by Fate (another Capcom fighting game series), and while usually gentle and sweet, her biker outfit makes her far tougher and commanding. She even initially hid she was a girl from other students.

She fights with the Chinese martial art Bajiquan, also known as Hakkyokuken in Japanese. She utilizes elbow, palm, and shoulder strikes; and can launch blue energy projetiles. She can even call on her older brother for help (as seen at the very end of the presentation). Oro and Akira launch Summer 2021


Finally CapJams, Capcom’s official band, released a remix of Dan’s theme; complete with a Funko Pop stop-motion music video. You can find that, along with the full Spring Update presentation and Akira’s gameplay reveal, below.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available for Windows PC (via GamersGate, and Steam) and PlayStation 4.

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