Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Season Pass DLC Characters Free for a Limited Time

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Capcom have announced Season Pass DLC characters for Street Fighter V: Champion Edition will be free for a limited time.

The latest entry in the fighting game series is available for Windows PC (via Steam), and PlayStation 4. For one week, players will be able to try Season Pass DLC characters for free. You can find the dates and characters below.

  • October 14th to October 20th – Alex, Guile, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri, Urien (Season 1 Pass)
  • October 21st to October 27th – Akuma, Kolin, Ed, Zeku, Abigail, Menat (Season 2 Pass)
  • October 28th to November 3rd – Blanka, Sagat, Falke, Cody, G, Sakura (Season 3 Pass)
  • November 4th to November 10th – Kage, Gill, Poison, Lucia, Seth, E.Honda (Season 4 Pass)

You can find the abridged rundown (via Steam) below.

Experience the intensity of head-to-head battle with Street Fighter® V! Choose from 16 iconic characters, each with their own personal story and unique training challenges, then battle against friends online or offline with a robust variety of match options.

Earn Fight Money in Ranked Matches, play for fun in Casual Matches or invite friends into a Battle Lounge and see who comes out on top! PlayStation 4 and Steam players can also play against each other thanks to cross-play compatibility!

This version of Street Fighter V displays the “Arcade Edition” title screen and includes Arcade Mode, Team Battle Mode and the online-enabled Extra Battle Mode, where you can earn rewards, XP and Fight Money! Fight Money can be used to purchase additional characters, costumes, stages and more!

Download the cinematic story “A Shadow Falls” today for FREE! M. Bison deploys seven Black Moons into orbit, granting him unimaginable power as the earth falls into darkness.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is the ultimate pack that includes all content (excluding Fighting Chance costumes, brand collaboration costumes and Capcom Pro Tour DLC) from both the original release and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. It also includes each character, stage and costume that released after Arcade Edition. That means 40 characters, 34 stages and over 200 costumes!

Image: Steam

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