Street Fighter V Champ Says He’d Rather Play Guilty Gear

Street Fighter V Champ Says He'd Rather Play Guilty Gear

This past weekend the latest bracket in the Capcom Cup was held, and the Street Fighter V champ says he’d rather play Guilty Gear, stunning both developer and tournament host Capcom as well as viewers.

Victor “Punk” Woodley qualified to play in his fourth run in the worldwide tournament, but when asked how he plans to prepare for the higher levels in the tournament, the Street Fighter V champ says he’d rather play Guilty Gear – or rather “Imma just play Guilty Gear.”

After the confused expressions from the tournament commentators and the flurry of emojis in the livestream’s chat, Punk said “I’m in Capcom Cup. There’s no reason for me to play this game anymore. I don’t like the lag so I’m not going to force myself to play.”

When pressed further Punk added “I love the game, the game is amazing, but the online is just not good. It just tilts me, I’m sure everyone sees my tweets all the time. Online tilts me to no end – so I’ll just keep my mentality safe.”

It’s worth noting Punk saw early success as a competitor and streamer by playing Guilty Gear, and while Street Fighter used to be the pioneer for fighting games – the latest in Street Fighter V has struggled to provide a competent online experience. Its proprietary netcode, Kagemusha, is like their own version of GGPO, only it has struggled to since the game’s launch back in 2016.

While Street Fighter V has been improved over the years and has definitely gotten better since its laggy initial release, many of its competitors have simply adopted GGPO netcode to provide a near lagless online experience.

The latest version of the game, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, is available for Windows PC (via GamersGate, and Steam) and PlayStation 4.

Guilty Gear: Strive was originally released for Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 on June 11 while its Deluxe and Ultimate Editions launched a bit earlier on June 8.

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