Xbox App Update Lets You Stream Xbox Series X|S to Your PC

Stream Xbox Series X|S to Your PC

Microsoft has released a new Xbox App update that lets you stream Xbox Series X|S to your Windows PC.

While the new update let’s you stream Xbox Series X to your gaming PC, the Xbox App for PC was also updated to get users direct access to console titles via Xbox Cloud Gaming. This also means you can get access to classic Xbox and Xbox 360 games on your PC, via streaming.

It’s worth pointing out that Xbox players were able to stream their Xbox One to a Windows PC in a similar manner, however the new Xbox Series X|S functionality lets you stream games to your PC at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

Similar streaming functionality was already tested on the yet-to-be-released Steam Deck, where Xbox boss Phil Spencer noted the xCloud streaming worked well on the handheld PC.

Here’s a rundown on the new update and its functionality:

Play Xbox Game Pass games from the cloud

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members in 22 countries can now play Game Pass games directly from the cloud in the Xbox app on Windows 10 PCs. Game Pass members have been enjoying Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) via browser on their phones, tablets and PCs and now can enjoy all the benefits of gaming from the cloud directly from the Xbox app.

Cloud gaming is ideal for those who want to quickly jump into a Game Pass game, either to continue playing a campaign you’ve been working through when you have a few free minutes, or to try out something completely new before deciding if you want to download it to your console.

To access games from the cloud on your Windows 10 PC, all you need is an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership and a compatible controller. Open the Xbox App, click the “cloud gaming” button, and select from hundreds of games in your Game Pass library, including Sea of Thieves and Myst, to start playing right away.

We’ve also added new features to help you get started, including easy-to-access information on controller and network status, Game Bar integration, social features to stay connected with friends, and the ability to invite people – even those also playing on cloud – to join you in a game.

Play games from your home console

Xbox Remote Play lets you play games from your Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or any generation of Xbox One on your Windows 10 PC over the internet – from your home network or away! It’s essentially a way to mirror your console gaming experience on another screen: Browse and play your full gaming catalog, change Settings, interact with your friends – your games are all there. Starting today, you can access Xbox Remote Play feature within the Xbox App on Windows 10 PCs.

This marks the first time we’ve enabled Xbox Remote Play on PC for Xbox Series X|S owners. We’ve also made additional upgrades from previous iterations of Remote Play, such as general stability updates, allowing for games to stream at 1080p up to 60fps, and adding the ability to play select Xbox 360 and Xbox Original games, which has been one of the most highly-requested features.

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