Strategy roguelike deckbuilder As We Descend announced

As We Descend

Coffee Stain Publishing and developer Box Dragon have announced As We Descend, a new strategy roguelike deckbuilding game.

As We Descend¬†is in development for Windows PC (via Steam). A release date wasn’t announced, but a closed beta is planned – sign up here.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

As We Descend is a strategy roguelike deckbuilder: you must balance both the whims of the City-Vault and the demands of the battlefield. Play your cards right in both places so that the city may survive its descent with humanity intact.


  • Assemble your forces – Recruit new unit squads by utilizing scavenged technology. Each squad is a specialist archetype with its own set of cards which can be added, removed, and upgraded. Deploy the right composition of special forces in order to tailor your deck for a given battle challenge.
  • Plan and strategize – The city is the last bastion of humanity and serves as your main base. Familiarize yourself with its denizens so you can survive its feudal politics and gain allies. Make the most of your limited resources so you can prepare sufficient advantages for the battlefield.
  • Outsmart your foes – Against titanic enemies, you must rely on not just strength but wit. Adapt your tactics each turn by reacting to enemy intents. Master the combat zone system: reposition your forces between the Defender Zone and the Support Zone in order to dodge enemy attacks and set up a defensive line.
  • React to randomized runs – Each descent is a new challenge, pitting you against a new face of the twisting world as you attempt to break through the three biomes to enter the core. New allies and encounters await you. Even if you fail, you will uncover more secrets and begin the next journey with more knowledge and tools to ever delve deeper.
  • Decide the fate of the city – Hailing from one of the three great factions of the City-Vault, you hold the key to its fate amidst the post-apocalypse. Outmaneuver the medieval politics of the city and unearth its deepest secrets. As the first and last line of defense for the city walls, you must hold the line…
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