Strategic Arcade Space Shooter, Captain Forever Remix, Now on Steam Early Access

Captain Forever Remix is a reimagining of Captain Forever, a “spaceship builder roguelike”, which has players “voyage across the Solar System and blast apart randomly-generated enemies for spare parts”, which includes additional gameplay that wasn’t in the original and a visual overhaul inspired by the art of idiosyncratic 1990s cartoons.

You better build a pretty tough ship, because you’re gonna need it. Your mutant little brother is being a total butthead and must be stopped! He froze the Sun, poked out Jupiter’s eye, drank Neptune’s oceans, and cracked Earth like an egg! Set off across a messed-up Solar System to put a stop to the big jerkface once and for all!

That’s players’ motivation to shoot randomly generated ships apart, and salvage what they can to build their own vessel bit-by-bit. Every piece of flotsam players join to their own spaceship will affect their ship’s movement, combat capabilities, and defenses. “Obliterate your enemies with prismatic lasers and sniper beams or shred them to pieces with the ripsaw. Make the fastest ship in the Solar System with uniboosters and twin thrusters, protect it with bubble shields, repair cores, and tons more!”

Check out the trailer and some screenshots for the game above.

Captain Forever is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac PCs, and you can get Early Access to it on Steam here. The developers plan to have the game finished within about three months’ time.

You can also play the original Captain Forever through your browser for free, here.

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