Stranger of Sword City Revisited New Features Trailer

Stranger of Sword City Revisited

NIS America (NISA) have released a gameplay trailer focusing on the new features coming to Stranger of Sword City Revisited.

As previously reported, the game is a double-pack of Saviors of Sapphire Wings / Stranger of Sword City Revisited. Saviors of Sapphire Wings originally only launched in Japan in Summer 2019 for PlayStation Vita, under the name Blue-Winged Chevalier.

Meanwhile Stranger of Sword City Revisited is the Japan-only PlayStation Vita re-release of the 2016 game of the same name. As such it brings that title’s new classes and items.

This is the first time both games (in this form) will be heading to the west. Both games task players with creating their own party for a dungeon crawling adventure.

Saviors of Sapphire Wings tasks players with defeating the remnant forces of Ol=Ohma, the Overlord of Darkness. In Stranger of Sword City Revisited, you crash through dimensions into Sword City, and must choose whether to trust the Kingdom, Mdell Co. or the Strangers Guild.

The new trailer focuses on new features coming to Stranger of Sword City Revisited; including three new dungeons, along side new items, skills, endings, and character classes. There are also Slaying Challenges to earn rare items from powerful foes.

You can find the New Features trailer below.

You can find the full rundown (via Steam) below.

Knights, Assemble!: Muster all your might and cunning to confront the forces of the Overlord of Darkness! Assemble your party, develop your own playstyle with traps and tactics, and exploit your enemies’ elemental weaknesses to overcome the most powerful servants of darkness.

Bound by Battle: Lead allies into battle and keep them alive to strengthen your bonds and unlock their true potential. Off the battlefield, have one-on-one conversations with your comrades to discuss their history and outlook on your adventures. The bonds you build with your allies will be the true bulwark against your fight against the Overlord of Darkness!

Hunters of Darkness: Turn the tables on the denizens of evil by setting traps to corner the elusive and dangerous monsters, and defeat them to obtain rare and powerful treasures!

Revisiting Stranger of Sword City: Put your dungeon-delving skills to the test in another thrilling adventure with Stranger of Sword City Revisited! This remaster of the classic RPG comes with additional content, including expanded character creation options, in-game events, and new items and equipment!


Discover a tale of war, darkness, and the power of bonds, coming to the West for the first time! The world is plunged into ruin after Ol=Ohma, the Overlord of Darkness defeats the Knights of the Round, the last bastion of defense for mankind. 100 years later, a fallen hero returns to life and must lead a new generation of heroes to defeat Ol=Ohma’s forces and restore light and hope to the world. Explore dungeons, use traps and combat prowess to defeat powerful monsters, and bond with your allies to unlock their true potential in this RPG gem.

If you enjoyed your adventures in Saviors of Sapphire Wings, you can also dive into the world of Stranger of Sword City Revisited! Brimming with additional content such as expanded character creation options, in-game events, and new items and equipment, this enhanced version of the original dungeon-crawling hit is bundled with Saviors of Sapphire Wings as a bonus game!

Saviors of Sapphire Wings / Stranger of Sword City Revisited launches March 16th in North America, March 19th in Europe, and March 23rd in Oceania for Windows PC (via Steam), and Nintendo Switch.

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