Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin final trailer, new gameplay details

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin final trailer

Publisher Square Enix and developer Team Ninja have shared the Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin final trailer, alongside new gameplay info for the game.

Here’s the new Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin final trailer, which also reveals the game’s theme song – Frank Sinatra’s masterpiece My Way.

English Version

Japanese Version

In case you missed it, you can find the game’s opening cutscene here in our previous report.

Here’s the new information:

What is Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin?

The warriors keep the memories of their battles deep in their hearts.

The land of Cornelia is covered with the Darkness of Chaos. In order to defeat Chaos, the root of the darkness, Jack sets out with Jed and Ash, who share the same goal.

With the thirst for defeating Chaos welling up in their hearts, the group continues to slay demons in search of a fight, and soon they are expected to be the saviors that the prophecy spoke of.

However, an unexpected truth awaits them…

In STRANGER OF PARADISE FINAL FANTASY ORIGIN, a profound story revolves around the main character Jack.

The game features a full-fledged action battle in which players use a variety of actions to crush their enemies, a job system familiar to players of the FF series, and RPG elements that allow players to customize and train their characters by collecting weapons at various difficulty levels.

When the shine is restored to the crystal, it will be peace, a new darkness, or..


Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin final trailer

Kraken (Voice Cast: ????)

“Water Chaos, you have no self-respect to stand against the Kraken!”

A water chaos. The Kraken is a water chaos that uses its long tentacles and huge body to hunt down its prey wherever it can. He uses techniques to take away your reinforcement effects, and water-based attacks that utilize the terrain.

Lich (Voice Cast: ?????)

Pity. The season you dream of will never come.”

Earth chaos. He specializes in magic attacks and attacks with abnormalities. It’s a troublesome opponent, inflicting a “curse” that reduces the break gauge limit and can conjure up skeletons.

Event Scene

A mist arising from the darkness of chaos. Jack and his friends see this black mist everywhere they go.

It’s as if their bodies are being consumed by the black mist. What is the true nature of the fog that swallows people?…

The black fog is sucked into the black crystal that is held up. The black crystal seems to be protecting them from the black fog.

Strengthening Equipment at the Blacksmith

Equipment can be obtained by defeating enemies and opening treasure chests along the way. The same piece of equipment has different job suitability and special effects, so you may want to retry the mission in search of rarer equipment.

At the blacksmith, you can use materials to strengthen your equipment. Customize your equipment to match your job and fighting style. Materials can be obtained from mission clearing rewards.

You can also dismantle equipment to obtain material items. Dismantle equipment that you no longer need, and use it to strengthen your favorite equipment

Job System

During battle, you can switch between two jobs at a moment’s notice. Depending on the combination of jobs you set, you can create a variety of tactics. Higher-level jobs have more unique actions, and many jobs can use multiple weapon types.

Upper-level jobs

  • Red Mage: A job that can use both black magic and white magic, and can attack and recover with magic. By using the unique action “Continuous Magic” to cast magic in succession, it is easy to inflict massive damage on enemies and reduce their resistance to attributes.
  • Berserker: A job that specializes in direct attacks with an axe or large sword. Berserker: A job that specializes in direct attacks with axes and swords.
  • Samurai: A job that excels in MP recovery. While under the effect of the unique action “Meikagami Josui”, the amount of MP recovered from normal attacks increases, and MP can also be recovered from successful Just Guards. Use the recovered MP sparingly to perform combo abilities.


  • Undersea Temple: Is the mysterious light the life of the stars that the facility sucks up? Everything is controlled by machines, and the highly controlled underwater facility is filled with the energy of water.
  • The Cavern of Earth: An underground cave with a strong earth energy. It resembles a gigantic cemetery, with various traps to keep out intruders and roaming wraiths. What lies at the bottom of the abyss, at the end of the deep dive…

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is set to launch on March 18th, 2022 for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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