Stone Wardens, a Fun Blend of RPG and Tower Defense

It’s always good to take an interest in genre-crossing indie games, especially those that come from Kickstarter. Here is one such game called Stone Wardens. According to their Kickstarter profile, Stone Wardens is supposed to be an online RPG blended with a Tower Defense. The graphics/art-style seems pretty cool, and the game play sounds a bit interesting.


Apparently the multi-player aspect is completely cooperative play. In the game you play as a Warden, which there are a good amount to choose from. You can summon familiars, cast spells, and team up with your friends to stop the enemy invading. If successful, the enemy’s fortress grants the players gold, experience, and enchanted gear.

With the gold you can purchase new gear, familiars, and enchantments. The developers do confirm that the best type of enchantments and gear are found when completing the toughest of challenges, so you won’t have to worry about others farming easier challenges to get the best gear.

The Kickstarter profile is narrowing down on it’s final 13 days, and it still needs help! So, if you guys are interested, go check out their page here. I hope this game is successful. I believe we need more unique games like Stone Wardens.