Stellar Blade returns uncensored outfits following fan campaign

Stellar Blade

According to sources on Twitter, Stellar Blade has allegedly brought back the uncensored outfits that were censored in the game’s earliest patches.

According to industry veteran Mark Kern (@Grummz), the old costumes have been returned to the game, and the fan campaign of #FreeStellarBlade is being hailed as a success.

Shortly after the game launched, fans noticed some differences between three different versions of the game. The physical release, the early digital release given to reviewers, and the day one patch. What followed as a series of events that left fans confused as to why and when some outfits were censored.

What happened was that the game was censored after being printed, with an early patch hitting review copies of the game before it even launched. This led to confusion as users reported the changed outfits, but then erroneously pointed to early review footage as proof it wasn’t censored.

SHIFT UP eventually acknowledged the censorship, and claimed that it was a result of their own decisions. While it’s possible this is true, due to Sony’s history of draconian censorship, many fans assumed that SHIFT UP was compelled to make and defend the changes by the platform holder.

According to comments in the original Tweet thread, this “victory” isn’t an actual reversion, but instead the uncensored costumes have been brought back as additional outfits. This means the censored costumes will remain in the game.

While it’s true the game has been altered due to the censorship, at the end of the day more content and choices are now available and original content has been restored. Just not in the way it was in the unpatched release.

Stellar Blade is available now for the PS5. You can check out our review here (we thought it was alright).

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