Stellar Blade fired employees over connection to radical feminist group

Shift Up, the Korean developer behind the upcoming game Stellar Blade allegedly fired two employees for their political views.

According to a Twitter thread back in 2022, two employees working on Stellar Blade were fired for being feminists. Only a screen cap of the initial tweet is visible at the time of writing, with the original author having gone private (likely in response to the sudden attention the game, and thus her twitter, was getting).

According to the site Brotaku, at least one of the employees in question was affiliated with the South Korean feminist group Megalia.

More than a typical feminist group, Megalia was notorious for their outrageous behavior which included:

  • Posting pictures of mutilated male genitalia
  • Posting creepshots of men
  • Forcibly outing gay men to the public

It was this last one that caused a schism and the ultimate downfall of the site, with a sizeable portion of Megalians being committed to forcibly outing gay men even after the site owners banned homophobic content.

The former employee/contractor that posted the now private Twitter thread seemingly isn’t affiliated with Megalia directly, but it seems her defense of the Megalia supporter also earned her a dismissal.

Stellar Blade is launching for PlayStation 5 on April 26th. Preorders are launching on February 7th and a Digital Deluxe Edition will be available.



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