Steins;Gate’s developer enters insolvency, posts over $4 million losses on year


Mages, the developer behind the Science Adventures titles such as Steins;Gate, has posted significant financial losses.

The Japnese developer has entered in a period of financial distress, also known as insolvency, with their most recent release of financial results (via GameBiz).

The company posted only a pitiful 4.225 million yen (31,472 USD) in sales while incurring a loss of 556 million yen (4,141,644 USD) over the closing date of the fiscal year ending in September 2022. This brought them a final loss of 613 million yen (4,566,237 USD).

To say the company is in trouble is an understatement, with their future along with the future of their game series like Steins;Gate are now in question.

Earlier this year they did sell off their Phantom Breaker IP to Rocket Panda Games. With what we know now, it’s possible this was a sign of the trouble behind the scenes and could be a sign of things to come.

Of course sales of their published titles could aid the company, like the recently released CHAOS;HEAD NOAH, which came after these results were recorded. This is also despite the controversy in the game’s listing with Steam.

However, this also puts into the air what will become of the upcoming Steins;Gate sequels which were announced in the past couple years.

Mages’ financial troubles could lead to other issues in regards to paying employees and continuing to run as a company. Only time will tell what will happen.



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