Steam Replay 2022 lets users see their top played games of the year

Valve’s Steam Replay 2022 lets Steam users get a summary of what they played this year, down to the amount of sessions they had.

This past week, Valve posted a somewhat embarrassing skit announcing the feature on Twitter:

This is Valve’s first attempt at a system like this, and is most likely inspired by Spotify’s Wrapped, which shows similar statistics to Spotify listeners. Valve also recently rolled out the big 2022 Winter sale and user awards – check that out here.

The system also allows users to share their replay statistics through automatically generated images, which essentially serve as a Gamer Card™ that can be quickly pulled up when having heated arguments with strangers on the internet.


We from Niche Gamer invite you to post your Replay 2022 cards down below in the comments. Mine (above) just called me out for getting addicted to Final Fantasy XIV for three months straight when I was unemployed, which is the biggest gamer move of the decade if you ask me.

Your personal Steam Replay can be found by clicking here or by finding the banner on the platform’s front page:



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