Steam Deck unit production will ramp up to hundreds of thousands by April 2022

Steam Deck unit production will ramp up

While Valve’s handheld PC is now in the wild, many fans are still waiting for a unit. We’ve learned to remedy this, Valve said Steam Deck unit production will ramp up by quite a lot, and soon.

New that Steam Deck unit production will ramp up comes via Valve product designer Lawrence Yang, who said the company will increase production to the “hundreds of thousands” by April 2022.

“We had to delay for supply chain reasons, those continue to be issues but we are surmounting them,” Yang said to IGN. “We imagine the launch is going to ramp in production terms, it will ramp very quickly.”

He added, “In the first month, very quickly will be in the tens of thousands, by the second month it’ll be in the hundreds of thousands, and beyond that it will grow even quicker. Once we launch the after Q2 timeslot will become more granular and clearer. We’ll be updating those dates for those folks who are in that window as we go.”

By this logic, as the Steam Deck launched at the end of February 2022, technically its “first” month is March, so its second month from release – April – will be when production ramps up to the hundreds of thousands.

Valve’s recently launched Steam Deck is now available, and in three flavors: $399 (64GB), $529 (256GB), and $649 (512GB), over on the Steam store.

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