Steam brings out new mobile app redesign

Steam Mobile App

Steam’s mobile app is a bit aged in design, which isn’t a surprise considering the current iteration as we mostly know it was released back in 2015.

A lot has happened since and even Valve joked about its appearance saying, “2015 called and wants its app back.” So now Valve has announced they will be giving their mobile app a redesign.

The new redesign is now out in closed beta and the company is asking Steam users for help in testing it out before a full launch. Key new features include QR code sign-in, improved library, smarter notifications, and multi-account support.

Accordingly though, this new redesign will also continue to support all features that are currently available on the Steam mobile app.

This update is welcome news for those using Steam. The app’s current design is rather old in terms of software. So it’s important that it continues to make improvements, especially since Steam users are essentially required to use it for Steam Guard in order to log in.

For those using Android, here is the link for getting into the beta for your phones, and here’s the one for iPhone users. Steam does explain the process of installing it on their group page on the matter for those needing more help.

Do note that this is a limited beta, meaning slots may have been filled up already by the time you read this. But Valve states users will still be able to join the group in order to keep up with updates on the redesign.

For those who do get into the beta. Coming from the posts made in the discussion page, there are a large number of bugs plaguing the new beta – though hopefully Valve will be able to fix up and polish everything in a timely manner for the official release.



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