Steam adds Nintendo Switch Joy-Con support

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A new Steam client beta update has released and it adds support for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons.

The Switch controllers are officially supported for use on PC, as long as you have Steam, of course. This new addition joins the rest of the gamepads by Nintendo supported on Steam, such as the Switch Pro Controller.

This Steam update specifically adds support for both forms of the Joy-Cons in the same way they work on the Nintendo Switch. This means you can pair 2 of them up to create a standard controller layout or just use one of them as a mini-controller.

While a Joy-Con may not be the best controller compared to the many others that are supported on Steam, there are use cases for them.

One of these uses comes from the fact that the D-pad is actually just 4 buttons, which for games that only rely on 4 directions, but also high levels of precision, may prefer something in this manner.

The new Steam client beta update also improves the support of Nintendo online classic controllers. These include models based on the NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, and Mega Drive pads.

While it is always welcome news to have more controller support on PC, Joy-Cons have not been without their share of controversy compared to that of other controllers.

The controller is infamous for stick drift, which after setting in over time makes using them nearly impossible for games that require precision.

Nintendo has even had class action lawsuits thrown at them because of the drift on their Joy-Cons, as well as an investigation by the European Consumers’ Associations.

That said, the company has stated after the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED that the sticks improve with every iteration. And that the OLED model contained all the improvements.

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