Starlight Inception Gets HUGE 2GB Update to Ver. 1.01

Escape Hatch LLC just released a huge update to their hit space ship combat simulator, Starlight Inception. Released in April, Starlight Inception is an ambitious title for the PS Vita. Set in the backdrop of World War IV, pilots take to the stars in a large variety of combat fighters to fight across the solar system and win the war.

The inspirations for the title are games such as Wing Commander and the X-Wing series. In combat, players also manage their ships power systems, making the combat fast-paced and strategic. The game was originally released on Steam before moving towards Sony platforms. A PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 version are currently in the works.

This past weekend, the engineers at Escape Hatch released a massive update to the game. The details are thorough and vast, with many updates, upgrades, fixes, and refinements. As a player of the game, I noticed many of these changes right away, making for a smoother experience. Some of the biggest improvements address the “fog” on some levels and an acceleration allowing ships to cross great distances much more quickly. The patch was attuned to player feedback. You can find some of the fixes and improvements below:

  • Fog now displays properly in all levels where it is present.
  • AI now properly targets and attacks player character.
  • Text clarity improved game wide.
  • Optimization of frame rate in all parts of game.
  • Y-axis invert works properly.
  • Purchase button added for ship and equipment screens
  • General bug fixes.

Yes, its clear WW III already happened, the world did not end, but we’re going to fight anyways because nuclear weapons are awesome! The game is available right now for download off the PSN on the PS Vita.  The game itself is about 2 gigabytes, making a total of 4.5 gigs worth of install data. Be sure to have an 8 gig memory card or larger.

Also, check out the composer for the soundtrack, David Arkenstone, who composed a riveting score! Check out his Twitter account here along with his Facebook page here. For more on Escape Hatch LLC and Starlight Inception, check out their own facebook page and twitter page . Finally, the main page can be found here.

Time to light up the skies players!

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