Starlight Inception Devs, Escape Hatch Entertainment LLC, Reveal Bold New Plans for 2015

Starlight Inception Escape Hatch Entertainment LLC 2015-01-03

Developers Escape Hatch Entertainment LLC have revealed detailed battle plan of what they intend to bring to 2015.

The developers are responsible for the development and release of their hit space action simulator, Starlight Inception, which was released for Steam in 2013 and PS Vita in April 2014. With music from David Arkenstone, sharp gameplay, an intense atmosphere, and a strategic element, the game received a solid reception from players. The game has players fighting across the Solar System in a variety of star fighters as World War IV rages.

Escape Hatch have been listening closely to its players and gathering feedback for its game. The team updated the game and have fixed flaws that players discovered. And yesterday, they to their kickstarter, Facebook, and twitter pages to usher in several exciting new announcements.

Starlight Tactics

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, PS4, Xbox One

The team is teasing an entirely new tactical strategy game set within the Starlight Inception universe, called Starlight Tactics. A new trailer and information is expected on Monday, January 5th.

Starlight Inception Update #2 being readied

In May, 2014, the team released a massive update to their game, greatly improving upon many attributes to the game such as graphics, lighting, speed, and combat. This next update will cut the file size of the game in half, along with bringing great improvements to the Flight Patrol CP system and various other mechanisms in the game. The update is going through Sony’s processes and will be released soon. In addition, Escape Hatch are exploring potential functionality with the PlayStation TV.

PS3 version submitted to SCEA

The Playstation 3 version has been submitted to SCEA for approval or re-submission. The team has made many enhancements and fixes. This is their third attempt.

PS4 version in development

The Playstation 4 version is currently in development. All versions will be a part of the cross-buy advantage, where players pay for one version of the game and receive the rest for free. Development has gone well and release should be some time in the late spring. Screenshots will be shown sometime this month, with a working demo on its way for PAX South in Texas, which the team will be attending.

The rest of the newsletter detailed various offerings for Kickstarter backers. As a player of Starlight Inception, I’m pretty excited. The industry needs more space combat games and a big return to form. The Starlight series (foghorn Inception SFX bwaaarrrrrrrp) is becoming an ambitious entry in that field.

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