Starbound Experiences Small Delay to Help Authorities Catch Sexual Predator

starbound ss 1

It seems that not every game is without its problems, and with a community as large as the one associated with Starbound, you’re bound to get a wide variety of different kinds of people.

Unfortunately, it seems sexual predators have been using the game to target children. In a post to his personal twitter, Starbound dev Tiy confirmed that the game would see a short delay while they dealt with the problem:

“Delaying development to deal with a sexual predator targeting children. Just in case anyone is wondering”

After people naturally asked for clarification, he elaborated:

“People asking for elaboration, we’re working with authorities to deal with someone that’s been using the community to target kids”

Lastly, he confirmed that the delay would only be for a day, as they merely had to assist the authorities by collaborating their information:

“Not a big delay, just a day for one developer, for those asking”

So there you have it, even an extremely promising game like Starbound and its tightly knit community has its own share of problems.

While we hope the perpetrator comes to justice swiftly, we also hope that their potential damage to the community was prevented.



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