Starbound Devs Poll for Game on PS3/PS4/Vita

Starbound Wallpaper 1

The developers behind Starbound are polling whether or not the game should come to Sony’s platforms. In case you’ve never seen Starbound, it’s the spiritual successor to the indie gem Terraria, which is coming soon to Vita as well. Here’s Starbound in action:

Starbound is a randomly generation 2D platformer/sandbox/metroidvania type game, meaning it’s randomly generated with each world you create and it’s literally a 2D metroidvania sandbox, you can build, dig and go anywhere on the map.

The main difference between Terraria and Starbound is clearly the level of technology in the game’s fictional universe, Terraria is a mix of classic fantasy RPG styles (magic, zombies, skeletons) while Starbound is at a science fiction level of technology.

Starbound SS 1

You can travel from planet to planet, each one is randomly generated so you’ll never know what to expect. The key thing about Starbound is finding a planet to call home, i.e. one that suits your needs. The team is really stressing exploration in this game, the ultimate goal is making you feel like an explorer.

Starbound is set to release later this year for PC, Mac and Linux – but you can change that if you comment on that forum post the developers made on the Playstation forums!


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