Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile Producer Yoshinori Yamagishi Joins VR Company to Produce a VR MMORPG

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We’ve learned (via 4Gamer) former Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile producer Yoshinori Yamagishi has already got a new gig with a promising new game to oversee.

Yamagishi left Square Enix after working for the company for over 20 years, and now he’s overseeing the above virtual reality MMORPG as the manager on the project. He’s reportedly involved with other VR titles, as he deeply believes in the potential for the genre moving forward.

While Yamagishi has traditionally only worked on console games that haven’t really changed up the formula that much, he promised to use all of his knowledge to make the best VR MMORPG.

Monobit’s official website has a lot of documentation of what they’re focusing on in the VR realm, with the above image shown under breaking news. Perhaps this is the VR title he’s working on?

We’ll keep you guys posted.



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