Star Citizen bundle costs $48,000 and includes every ship

Star Citizen

Cloud Imperium Games, the folks behind the long-in-development sci-fi MMO Star Citizen, are selling a bundle nearly worth as much as a luxury car.

The new and updated “Legatus 2953” bundle costs a whopping $48,000 and includes every ship in the game, a massive number of over 175 ships.

It’s good to note before players can spend nearly fifty thousand dollars on the video game, they need to spend a thousand dollars to be eligible for the big guns.

Players can expect the bundle to include ships from every in-game manufacturer, as well as a host of extas like weapons, cosmetics, and more. Most of the content is available now, though some aren’t coming until later this quarter.

Cloud Imperium Games has offered bundles like this for a few years now, however the game keeps being perpetually added to while it remains unfinished, so the content and bundles grow in size and price.

Since its initial reveal and private crowdfunding in 2012 and subsequent Kickstarter, the game raised millions of dollars from fans but since then has raised over $650 million in total – with a staggering $100,000 in funding every day.

Star Citizen¬†is currently still in alpha, and is available to play in version 3.22.0a via the game’s official site. A single-player spinoff, Squadron 42, recently became feature complete but still has no release date.



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