Dorfromantik devs announce colorful new builder game Star Birds

Star Birds

Dorfromantik developer Toukana Interactive has announced their next game – Star Birds, which they’re co-developing with science YouTubers kurzgesagt.

Star Birds is a “colorful sci-fi building and resource management game” in development for Windows PC (via Steam), with an early access release set for 2025.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its revel trailer:

The universe is a fascinating, yet unexplored place – it’s about time to change that! Join your flock of Star Birds on a mission across the great beyond, establish a thriving mining operation, and discover new technologies to advance even further. And who knows? Maybe you’ll encounter something that’s truly out of this world…

About the Game

Star Birds is a colorful sci-fi building and resource management game where you help your population of spacefaring birds prosper and thrive. No matter if you’re a genre veteran or want to get a foot into an oftentimes overwhelming space: the Star Birds will be happy to have you by their side. And not just because chaos would ensue very quickly without you.


Scan nearby asteroids and use your rover to uncover hidden resources ranging from ice and metals to rather obscure things. Build production facilities to mine resources and automate the manufacturing of increasingly advanced goods. Deliver products to your space station to fulfill quests and satisfy the needs of your birds, however odd these might be. Establish trading routes to create a bustling cosmic production network and ultimately take off to foreign star systems to pursue the mysteries of your galaxy!


  • 360° Base Building – Place buildings on procedurally generated asteroids and build your own little worlds floating in space. Use each asteroid’s unique shape and available space to create the perfect base for your interstellar adventures. Take the role of a cosmic pioneer and strategically place and connect production facilities with hand-drawn-pipes to optimize the extraction of resources.
  • Explore and Experiment – Gather resources and explore different ways to transform and combine them into a variety of goods you’re going to need for your mission. Investigate the asteroid’s surface, scout for rare materials and excavate mysterious artifacts.
  • Missions and Mysteries – Fulfill the needs of your star birds by producing and supplying their desired goods, however unusual they might be… Take on quests to earn rewards and unlock new technologies and secrets!
  • Automate and Admire – Establish an ever-growing network of production chains throughout your star system. Improve and optimize, or sit back and watch the satisfying rhythm of your bustling space factory.
  • Set out for the stars – Upgrade your space station and research advanced technologies. Unlock new production paths and increase their efficiency to start your journey into the unknown depths of space and uncover its mysteries!
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