Standalone Oculus Quest VR Headset Announced

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Oculus VR held their big Connect developer conference today – the biggest reveal was their new standalone “Quest” virtual reality headset.

Featured above, the new headset is the result of their previous few years of work since being acquired by Facebook, with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claiming this is a huge step towards getting a billion people into virtual reality.

A price point is set at $399, and a release is set for sometime in spring of next year. The new headset is the first wireless Oculus headset to have positional tracking, for both the headset and the dual hand controllers. Reportedly, there will be over 50 games shipped just for the device at launch.

While this is the same price as the regular Oculus Rift headset, the older headset requires a pretty robust Windows PC to run the headset via a tethered cable, while the Quest headset is a completely standalone device. This means it has on-board computing hardware, as well as a battery.



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