Stadia Connect Round-Up; Outcasters, Announcements, Upcoming Games, and Click to Play Feature

Google Stadia Connect

The Stadia Connect conference has revealed the games coming to the streaming console, along with the exclusive Outcasters, and the Click to Play feature.

Firstly, the following games were announced as available now, or in the future. Each link will take you to the game’s trailer.

Among the games was a game exclusive to Google Stadia, Outcasters. Developed by Splash Damage, this top-down shooter can grant players the ability to curve different types of shot. With shots that can bounce, splinter on impact with walls, pierce foes, and changing arenas, the action is always hectic.

It appears there will also be multiple game modes (such as deathmatch and “Capture the Bank”) as well as free-for-all and team modes. The end of the match sees the losing players eviscerated in a comical fashion. Players can also customize their playable character (or Vinyl).

You can find the announcement trailer below.

Outcasters launches Fall 2020 on Google Stadia.

Finally, the Click to Play feature was revealed. In summation, Stadia Pro subscribers can click a special hyperlink (the example given was in the description of YouTube videos and Twitter), and they can jump into a game in “seconds.” 

This works with any game that a player has obtained through their Stadia Pro subscription, or bought through Google Stadia. This works on any device that supports Google Stadia. Whether this link would work outside of YouTube is unclear.

You can find the entire connect conference below (and the 3 minute recap here).

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