Square Enix quietly removes recruitment page bragging about censorship

Square Enix

Square Enix was caught quietly removing their recruitment page that had a quote from one of their employees bragging about censoring the developer’s games.

For those unaware, Square Enix previously had a recruitment page up that contained quotes from employee Tanabe Mari to potential new employees.

The original page was in Japanese, but an individual thankfully translated Mari’s statements:

The page containing these quotes has since been removed:

An exact reason behind the page’s removal has not been officially stated. The webpage has also been archived:

Square Enix has been known to contain an “ethics department”, and it was believed this department was responsible for suggesting the “tightening” of Tifa’s chest in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Similarly, the same game “took modern sensibilities into account” in regards to the Honeybee Inn.

Editor’s Note: Featured art by Delux



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