Square Enix Launch The World Ends with You Countdown Website

New The World Ends with You Game

Square Enix have launched a countdown website for The World Ends with You, possibly hinting at a new port or game.

As previously reportedThe World Ends with You was a 2007 Nintendo DS game, later ported to Android, iOS, and later Nintendo Switch in 2018. The story focused on Neku Sakuraba, a teen who awakens in Shibuya with no memory, and a moving tattoo on the back of his hand that is counting down seven days.

Neku can now hear the thoughts of others- with negative thoughts and feelings manifesting as monsters dubbed Noise. He is soon sucked into The Reapers Game, undertaking missions set by a reaper over seven days while partnered up with another person who has recently died. The original DS game utilized both screens, with Neku and his partner each fighting battles on their own screen.

Now, the Twitter account for Square Enix’s 1st Development Business Headquarters has shared a new website. The music, text, and message of “Timelimit Within 7 Days” all point to it being related to The World Ends with You. Not to mention the aforementioned Twitter account features one of the game’s badges as its logo.

While it could be dismissed as being related to the recent anime series; that series already had its countdown under its own website. As this new website is part of Square Enix’ Japanese website, it almost certainly means the announcement will be video game related.

While the mobile ports needed to take liberties from missing the dual screen feature, this may mean the game will be getting a port to modern systems. The anime series therefore acting as a way to promote the game.

However, there is a chance this will be a new game in (what would become) the series. Capcom had previously approved of an anime based on the first three Ace Attorney games around the time of the release of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Spirit of Justice. As such, the recent The World Ends with You anime could act as a way to catch the audience up with the story before the new game.

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The countdown ends November 22nd.

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