Square Enix is Finally Believing that People Around the World Like JRPGs

Yosuke Matsuda 03-31-14-1

You really can’t make this stuff up – recently Square Enix has been looking at Japanese RPGs as a niche market that is exclusive to the Japanese region, and one that doesn’t really sell that well around the world.

The sales of Bravely Default beg to differ, an excellent JRPG that returned to the glory years of when Square Enix was known as Squaresoft – a developer that made their bread and butter on JRPGs. Now that fans have spoken with their wallets, it seems that Square Enix is definitely rethinking their strategy when it comes to JRPGs.

In an interview with Nikkei, Square Enix head honcho Yosuke Matsuda had this to say:

“After we had to split [the overall mindset of development] according to the demands of regions around the world, we were totally oblivious to this up until now, but fans of JRPGs are widespread across all regions and countries around the world.”

Things get really interesting further into the interview, where Matsuda had this to say:

“From now on, with the new games that we end up developing, while this could sound a bit crazy to some, we’ve been talking internally about developing them as hardcore JRPGs. I think that this way we can better reach our target audience, which will also bring in better sales.”

Lastly, Matsuda confirmed that Square Enix would be talking about Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV at E3 this year. So what do you guys think? Is Square Enix finally returning to form when it comes to developing quality JRPGs?



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