Square Enix Announces New Final Fantasy XIV Expansion: Endwalker


A new expansion for the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV has been announced titled Endwalker.

The new expansion will feature the canon protagonist, the “Warrior of Light” as a Paladin. Each of the expansions emphasizes the Warrior of Light’s job-changing abilities and as such expansions emphasize jobs that match their themes. For instance Heavensward with Dragoons, Stormblood with Monks and Samurai, and Shadowbringers with Dark Knight.

The new expansion will follow the Warrior of Light after their return to the world of Hydaelyn after being sent to Norvrandt in Shadowbringers.

A calamity befalls Hydaelyn that isn’t dissimilar to the final days of Amaurot in Shadowbringers, and the Warrior of Light’s conflict with Zenos yae Galvus.

The developers are planning on 6.0 being the end of the current “saga”; as in the story of Hydaelyn and Zodiark that has been explored for the past ten years. However to assuage fan fears the game was ending, Director Naoki Yoshida clarified that 6.1 would be the beginning of an entirely new adventure.

What this will mean for players going through the original story (if anything) has yet to be explained at the time of publishing.

You can watch the Announcement Showcase below:

The expansion will also feature two new “Jobs”, classes that offer new playstyles. One was announced during the showcase, the Sage. The Sage will fight with original weapons called “Nouliths”, aether-imbued rods that help the Sage perform their magic.

The Sage is a healer that focuses on barriers and shielding effects. With the addition of the new healer class, healers are being further divided into two categories: “Pure” Healers which regenerate lost HP, and “Barrier” Healers that focus on shielding from damage beforehand.


In anticipation of this distinction, the Astrologian job will be reworked to become a “Pure Healer”. Both Pure Healers and Barrier Healers will actually be separated in the game’s Duty Finder when searching for party members.

The second upcoming job will be a melee DPS and the details of which are being held for the next set of announcements this upcoming May.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker is expected to release Fall 2021.



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