Sploot is a VR Game Where You Control a Seagull that Constantly Poops Everywhere

Sploot is a virtual reality game where you play as a seagull and … do seagull things.

You can fly around the cutesy seaside town, sate your lust for breadcrumbs, and of course – unleash a horrible torrent of explosive diarrhea upon the unsuspecting townsfolk.

The game is built specifically to be played with VR (the Oculus Rift is specifically mentioned here), although a single developer, Elijah O’Rear, has done all the programming, art, and designing for Sploot. The key thing here is that you poop uncontrollably, so your main goal is to focus on flying, surviving, and eating as much bread as possible.

Despite your ability to blast out massive amounts of fecal matter onto the landscape and its people, you have to be careful as the seagull itself is still a fragile creature. The game is also playable without VR, in a standard viewing perspective, with controls via mouse and keyboard.

You can find more about Sploot over on its itch.io page, and you can even download it for free, or name your own price.

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