Spike Chunsoft Launch “Nine Eyes TV” Teaser and Puzzle Website for Upcoming Announcement

Spike Chunsoft Nine Eyes TV

Spike Chunsoft have launched a teaser website dubbed “Nine Eyes TV,” featuring riddles for an upcoming game announcement.

The website itself features nine floating eyes, each showing a riddle when clicked on. Solving each riddle in turn gives you part of the password. This takes you to a new webpage, showing a countdown in minutes and hours. Based on this, the countdown will end around June 30th 9 p.m. PT (July 1st, midnight ET) as of this time of writing.

Popular online theories propose the game will be a sequel to AI: The Somnium Files. This is supported by the extensive eye motif (a major theme of that game), and that game’s designer Akira Okada tweeting about the website. Using a mystery to unveil a mystery game would also be apropos.

However, Spike Chunsoft also publish the Zero Escape series; which began with Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. The riddles themselves do not appear to directly reference either of the games on their surface, involving Morse code, word puzzles, binary, dates, and even a little bit of Roman history.

However, the password (which we will not mention in this article) does seem to indicate the announcement is related to one of the aforementioned games.

We will keep you informed as we learn more. What are you hoping the announcement will be? Did you solve the riddles without looking up the answers online? Sound off in the comments below!

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