Spike Chunsoft gives Attack on Titan for the 3DS a Face Lift

Available December in Japan, Attack on Titan gets another game title under it’s belt on the 3DS. While not necessarily a new title, Attack on Titan: The Last Wins of Humanity Chain Edition adds a plethora of new features to entice newcomers and veterans a like.

The biggest feature added to Chains is over the internet WiFi support, which will allow 4 friends to join forces against the Titans. A simple chat feature has been added to make communication easier when you don’t have your friend sitting next to you.

A few new stages, over 20 newly added voice overs and refined maneuvering system brings a lot of excitement to the table.

For anyone who’s purchased the original version, you can upgrade through the Nintendo eShop for $21, with all previous save data carried over. While new soldiers can join the Survey Corps for $51.

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