Spectacle fighter 34Everlast will be published by Playism


Indie developer Katana Lab will partner up with Playism to release 34Everlast.

Here’s a rundown on the game, plus its reveal trailer:

34EVERLAST is a super-condensed action entertainment piece that can be beaten in as little as ten minutes and has no game overs, specially designed for busy working adults.

Make your way through the end of the world over and over again while beating enemies in breathtaking fights, and unravel the story of the intertwined worlds through your own discoveries and choices in this action-packed adventure.

The developer of this game is Ogami from Kanata Lab. Originally an ironworks owner, he picked up and learned Unreal Engine as a hobby during the pandemic, which became the start of this project. The prototype of 34EVERLAST was selected for the second term of iGi indie Game incubator, and now the game is on its way to completion.

The Concept

A super-condensed action entertainment piece made for those who used to be gamers until they became too exhausted from working hard to play hard.

  • Beat the game just in time for bed with runs as short as ten minutes long
  • No tutorials, only easy, intuitive, and satisfying action
  • No game overs even if you lose to the boss with a stress-free, clear-guaranteed game design
  • Unravel the mystery by playing over and over again as the world changes based on player choices

Please enjoy this brand new type of game experience that is sure to fit right in the cracks between hectic modern life.

34Everlast seeks to deliver a straightforward and self-explanatory action game with time attack mechanics.

34Everlast is scheduled to release at some point in 2024 for Microsoft Windows (through Steam).

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