Space colony sim Dawn Apart announced

Dawn Apart Announcement

Industrial Technology and Witchcraft has announced Dawn Apart, which is a space colony factory sim set with fully destructible environments.

Dawn Apart is coming sometime in the future with an Early Access release in 2024 for PC (via Steam).

Players will also be given a choice to continue to grow their settlements against the native population, or side with them and rebel against their contractors.

Here’s a rundown of the newly announced title:


DAWN APART is a space colony and factory sim with fully destructible voxel environments.

In the game you have been sent to the distant planet Aurora to mine resources, maintain a growing settlement of fortune hunters and defend it against the fierce native population. Fulfill the demanding quotas dictated by your contractor – or flip the script and start a rebellion against the greedy corporation exploiting your new home.

On Aurora, success or defeat, prosperity or doom, and life or death are just one DAWN APART.


  • Automate: Build vertically and erect sky high factory complexes with assembly lines stretching over multiple floors.
  • Colonize: Manage a growing number of engineers, mercenaries, and civilians who have left their home behind to start over in a lush but hostile world.
  • Destroy: Everything you build and encounter can be pulverized down to the last voxel.

And here’s the announcement trailer:



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